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Expert installation services for your professional audio equipment

Let's face it, audio equipment can be a conundrum when searching for the perfect components for your home or office as well as pairing with existing stereo systems. However, your installation doesn't have to be a confusing process at all. Let our experienced professionals help solve your audio woes while being gentle on the wallet. We pride ourselves on finding you the perfect solution for your audio needs and designing around your existing architecture as well as making sure things look good - no exposed wires, properly mounted hardware, etc. Give us a call to take a look at your audio equipment. We can install all types of equipment including speakers, amplifiers, mixers, disc players, home theater equipment, multiple-stage audio set-ups, and much more. We are the premier home theater installation and repair service for Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana!

FREE Estimates

Learning the costs of audio installation can often be a nerve-wrecking (and even expensive) experience. Let us make your life easier by providing a detailed installation estimate at no cost to you. We can go through each item so that you understand what you're paying for before moving forward with the service

What We Install

Here is a small list of equipment that we provide installation services for. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive:

  • Speakers
  • |
  • Lighting
  • |
  • Amplifers
  • |
  • Wiring
  • |
  • DMX Lighting